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How to upgrade winget itself

Updated: at 10:42 AM

First, open the Release Page of microsoft/winget-cli GitHub Repository, grab the latest download link with “.msixbundle” extension, and copy it to your clipboard.

You just need to copy the download link without downloading it.

Remember, if you’re on your production environment, please don’t install the releases with “Pre-release” lable. Such releases can be buggy and may encounter unusual errors & issues.

A screenshot from winget-cli GitHub Release Page

Turn up Windows Terminal (Administrator) with PowerShell.

PowerShell screenshot (with Administrator)

Type in the following command. Remember to replace URI-TO-YOUR-PREV-COPIED LINK with your copied link.

PS C:\Users\WrOffi> Add-AppxPackage -Path 'URI-TO-YOUR-PREV-COPIED LINK'
PS C:\Users\WrOffi> # Example: Add-AppxPackage -Path ''

In some cases, you may need to add -ForceApplicationShutdown to the end of the command in order to update the package successfully. (Thanks for the suggestion from bellemam)

After that, the App Installer will automatically finish the following task.

Screenshot of installing winget latest version with PowerShell

Finally, you can check the version of winget with the following command.

PS C:\Users\WrOffi> winget --version