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Hello World (again)
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Hello! Welcome to my newly built blog. My blogging journey began in 2017 when I delved into the world of WordPress. Over the years, I explored various CMS and VPS, tinkering with my blog: writing, refining, and sometimes starting anew. The journey was tough, but through them, I gained valuable insights into Web dev.

Maintaining my passion for blogging hasn’t been easy. Often, when I navigate to the WordPress Dashboard, I find myself thinking, “blogging feels booooring” and “it’s so meaningless”

Recently, I discovered Astro, and the amazing theme AstroPaper. The simplicity immediately caught my attention. To publish a new post, all it takes is adding a Markdown file to the repository and pushing it. And here I am, again, saying hello to the world lol.

Hello World (again)
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